Ion Beam Etch

Ion Beam Etch

Etch precise, complex features for high-yield production of discrete microelectronic devices and components with the NEXUS® Ion Beam Etch (IBE) Systems.

NEXUS IBE-350Si Ion Beam Etch System

Get improved process control, reduced footprint and a field-upgradable design with Veeco's NEXUS IBE-350Si Ion Beam Etching System.

NEXUS IBE-350Se Ion Beam Etch System

Maximize the productivity of ABS deep cavity processing and high etch rate applications with Veeco's NEXUS® IBE-350Se™ Ion Beam Etching System.

Lancer Ion Beam Etch System

Stand-alone ion beam etch system with low cost of ownership and highest quality etch attributes

NEXUS IBE-420i Ion Beam Etch System

Raise data storage device yields and achieve exceptional uniformity with the NEXUS® IBE-420i™ Ion Beam Etching System.

NEXUS IBE-420Si Ion Beam Etch System

Maximize slider yields and achieve excellent ion beam etch uniformity with the NEXUS® IBE-420Si™ Ion Beam Etching System.